This is Molo. Molo stands for moving local, means moving local news! is the new app for the Bremen metropolitan area. Daily news and events from the region are published here: the molos!

With we want to give you access to the most important news of regional media and various collectives from the Bremen metropolitan area. You can customize the feed in the app according to your own interests by following certain topics or sources. However, especially relevant news always reach everyone: Our editorial team selects these molos and marks them as “hot”. The work of the editorial staff is based on journalistic principles and democratic values; inhuman content has no place at is created in “co-creation”, i.e. together with interested users. Our goal is to create an offer from many for many. Thus, with we want to offer new possibilities for social participation and contribute to an improved, common urban public.

The Idea behind does not only want to display the most important news of regional media, but also to help smaller collectives to gain more visibility. In this way, we would like to give citizens a better overview of the many possibilities for social participation in the surrounding area and contribute to a better common urban public sphere.

Treading new paths together – that is the basic idea of That is why the app was created in “co-creation”, i.e. many people from Bremen and the surrounding area contributed to the creation of Besides potential users, these were journalists and representatives of local collectives, e.g. sports clubs, social movements and cultural institutions. Furthermore, the logo – i.e. molo – was created in the context of an open competition.

The editorial team behind

The editorial team consists of a permanent group of employees and students of the media study programmes of the University of Bremen.

There are two ways in which current news from local media and collectives reach the editorial system: Either via RSS feed or via a simple input platform. The articles are tagged by the editorial staff and then published. Users can personalize their feed according to their interests. Nevertheless, no filter bubbles will appear: The editors mark particularly relevant content with changing thematic focuses as “hot”. These molos are marked with a small flame and are displayed to all users.

The work of the editorial team is based on democratic values and journalistic principles. So inhuman content has no place at

Onboarding Step 1

Users can personalize the news feed in the app according to their interests and select tags from four departments that are distinct from the departmental of classic media. Here you get an overview of what is happening in Bremen and the surrounding area in many ways: which topics move emotionally the people, to which events can you go and how can you collaborate?

Onboarding Step 2

In addition to the molos from professional media, also contains content from local “officials” (e.g. institutions of higher learning) and regional collectives (different types of associations, e.g. social movements, citizens’ initiatives and many more). These molos are written by the collectives themselves and published after being checked by the editorial team.

Many news and events from the region, appear daily at The news are displayed in a clear feed. Particularly important (“hot”) messages are marked with a flame in your molo feed. These molos are curated by the editors so that they reach every user no matter which tags were selected.